The final webinar of the OPAL-Life project reviewed the key results of the project, which looked at Finnish agriculture, agricultural land use optimisation and agricultural climate action from all aspects of sustainability.

The webinar attracted widespread interest both in Finland and abroad. The morning session in Finnish was attended by around 200 people and the afternoon session in English by around 100 people.

Thank you for the audience, and to the researchers presenting! 

The English presentations given at the seminar can be found below. The Finnish presentations can be found on their own page.

Opening words. Executive Vice President, Research, Antti Asikainen, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Sustainability – one word with many dimensions in agriculture. Professor Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Roadmap for the green transition in agriculture. Professor Jörgen E. Olesen, Aarhus University

Climate change mitigation options in hemiboreal Baltic. Senior researcher Andis Lazdiņš, Latvian State Forest Research Institute. LIFE OrgBalt project

Social acceptance of climate action in agriculture – psychological viewpoints. Researcher Jaana Sorvali, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Extensification and afforestation of cultivated mineral soil for climate change mitigation in Finland. Researcher Boris Tupek, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Land use changes and biodiversity. Docent Juha Tiainen

Remote sensing as a data source for crop and soil monitoring. Researcher Roope Näsi, National Land Survey of Finland

Improved farm economy and sustainability. Professor Heikki Lehtonen, Natural Resources Institute Finland