Dear Colleague,

Climate change is expected to have both positive and negative impacts on agriculture. One effect is the accessibility of agriculture to new regions.  We argue that sustainable management of a rapidly changing boreal and arctic agriculture is best served by a focused, joint, collaborative, and interdisciplinary outlook to research.

To this end we drafted the linked survey, which asks for your professional input on the need, value and possible future steps for pursuing a boreal and arctic agricultural research network. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The value of the survey is truly enhanced by a wide, interdisciplinary participation.Therefore, please forward this letter of request and the embedded link to the survey to person or person(s) that are in the best position to offer their input on boreal and arctic agricultural research, from the point of view of any relevant discipline.

Please forward the survey to interested colleagues.

Link to the survey:

We hope to get your response by 31.1.2019.

Adrian Unc, Daniel Altdorff, Lakshman Galagedara; Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Nils Borchard, Jaana Sorvali; Natural Resources Institute Finland
Sylvie Quideau; University of Alberta, Canada

Contact information:

Daniel Altdorff, Ph.D.
Boreal Ecosystem Research Initiative
Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, Canada


The proposal for this research has been reviewed by the Grenfell Campus-Research Ethics Board and found to be in compliance with Memorial University’s ethics policy.  If you have ethical concerns about the research (such as the way you have been treated or your rights as a participant), you may contact the Chairperson of the GC-REB through the Grenfell Research Office ( or by calling (709) 639-2399.

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and never associated with your name. The ownership of the collected data remains in Luke; for data processing and research anonymized data are shared between Luke and the Memorial University. Legal data protection is guaranteed, for more information see: Privacy Notice Natural Resources Institute Finland