LIFE is a EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU. Besides OPAL-Life, EU also finances other projects related to sustainable agriculture. Those projects are listed on this site.

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Projects related to sustainable agriculture



Area: Cyprus.

Coordinator: Cyprus University of Technology.

Aim/topic: To promote and enable the long term conservation of High Nature Value Farmlands in Cyprus.


Belgium and The Netherlands. The Flemish Land Agency (VLM).

Sustainable soil management and nutrient usage to reduce negative environmental effects.


Greece, Italy and Cyprus. National Observatory of Athens.

Adaptation to impacts of the climate change on the Mediterranean islands’ agriculture.


Italy. Horta Srl.

Promoting innovative and efficient cropping systems, based on the introduction of legumes and catch crops.


Life AgriAdapt

Spain, France, Germany and Estonia. Bodensee-Stiftung.

Sustainable adaptation of typical farming systems to climate change in EU.


Italy. Veneto Agricoltura.

Introducing innovative precision farming techniques in agriculture to decrease carbon emissions.

LIFE AgroClimaWater

Greece and Italy. HYETOS.

Promoting water efficiency and supporting the shift towards a climate resilient agriculture in Mediterranean countries.


Spain. AEAC/SV.

Sustainable agriculture in carbon arithmetics.


Life AGROintegra

Spain. The Agricultural Service Division.

Minimization of environmental impacts in crop protection and implementing alternative methods in crop protection.

Life CarbOnFarm

Italy. CERMANU (University of Naples Federico II).

Restoration and preservation of soil functions, enhancement of the role of soil resources in the agro-ecosystems and the valorization of agricultural biomasses recycling.

Life+ Climagri

Spain. The Spanish Conservation Agriculture Association.

To contribute to the adaptation of field irrigation crops to climate change at the same time as mitigating the effects of this phenomenon.

LIFE+ Climate change-R

Italy. Regional Government of Emilia Romagna’s General Directorate for Agriculture, Fishing Economy, Wildlife and Hunting.

Reduction of greenhouse gases resulting from agricultural systems in Emilia-Romagna.


Greece and Italy. Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali.

Forage systems for less GHG emissions and more soil carbon stock in soil in the milk production sector of the Mediterranean area.


Sweden. The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society of Halland.

To improve the ecological status of the stream Trönningeån in Sweden by minimizing nutrient loading and environmental damage caused by agricultural activities or other usage of land.

Life HelpSoil

Italy. Lombardy Region.

To enhance soil functions and to adapt to the climate change by Conservation Agriculture (CA) techniques.

Life Montado-Adapt

Portugal and Spain. ADPM.

Climate change mitigation in agrisylvopastoral systems (dehesa/montado) by Integrated Land Use (ILU).


Life Olivares Vivos – Olive Alive

Spain. Spanish Ornitology Society (BirdLife).

Distripution of olive groves to enhance biodiversity.



Life Regadiox


Fixation of atmospheric CO2 and reduction of greenhouse emissions by sustainable management of irrigation agriculture.


Life RegenFarming

Spain. NEIKER – the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development.

Regenerative agricultural practices: demonstration of an alternative sustainable management of agrarian soils.

Life Sarmiento

Spain. Microgaia Biotech.

Innovative solutions on vineyards: reducing GHG-emissions and protecting agricultral soils.

Life Soil4Wine

Italy. Cattoliga del Sacro Cuore.

Innovative approach to soil management in viticultural landscapes.


Bulgary. Prosveta – Sofia JSC.

Building up acceptance of Natura2000 among key audiences; bring up generation of knowledgeable supporters.


Italy and Greece. University of Perugia.

Climate change mitigation through sustainable supply chain for the olive sector.

PTD Life

France. CAVEB.

Dynamic rotational grazing : environmental performance of grassland systems. Demonstration of innovative technologies.


Spain. INTIA, S.A.

GIS based tools for sustainable land management.


Germany, Italy and Sweden. IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) EU group.

Strategies for organic and low-input -farming to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


Italy. The Researh Center for Agrobiology and Pedology.

Monitoring for soil protection.


Crowd sourcing projects related to agriculture and forestry



Denmark. Danish Agricultural Advisory Service.

Integrated protection of surface and groundwater in agricultural regions.



Italy. University of Trieste.

Monitoring biodiversity by a citizen science approach for solving environmental problems.


UK. Forestry Comission Research Agency.

An integrated early warning system for tree pests and diseases using citizen science.

Smart Natura

Denmark. Knowledge Center for Agriculture.

Smooth methods of communication and cooperation; awareness-raising tools of the Natura 2000 -plans.