C1.1a Policy review report: Optimising land use to mitigate climate change in Finland

The aim of this policy review report was to gain an understanding on potential policy related obstacles and benefits and possible synergies with respect to the targets of OPAL-Life project, aiming at increased agricultural productivity and simultaneous greenhouse gas emission reduction from agriculture considering the existing policies, most notably the Common Agricultural Policy.

C1.1b Survey on potential demonstration areas

C1.2 Selection process of the OPAL-Life pilot farms (in Finnish, summary in English)

Working packages C2-C3: Scientific articles.

C2 Report on major constraints in fields targeted for extensification (in Finnish, summary in English)

C3 Report on land use optimisation implementation (in Finnish, summary in English)

C4.2c Summary of crowd sourcing results (in Finnish, summary in English)

D1.3 Report on land use optimisation actions to resilience (in Finnish, summary in English)

E1.10 A summary report on mid-term seminar (in Finnish, summary in English)

E1.12 Project brochure (PDF)

Land Use Optimization tool brochure (PDF)

Final report of Land Use Optimisation project (PeltoOptimi) (in Finnish)