We organize seminars, workshops and field demonstrations, and take part also in others’ events to tell about our project and results.

18.2.2020 and 19.11.2019 Visits to Parliament (Agriculture and Forestry Committee & Environment Committee)

It is important to discuss about research results with policy makers. From the project group, research professors Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio and Kristiina Regina, senior researcher Juha Tiainen and researcher Jaana Sorvali visited Parliament twice to present the results of the project. The event focused on farmers’ views, the land use optimization and its impact on greenhouse gas emission reduction and the diversity of birds in agricultural landscape. You can read a summary of the meeting with members of Environment Committee (in Finnish).







Summaries in English about all field days

27.9.2019 Field day at Inkoo

Theme of the event was soil structure and water management. It was arranged in two locations, Västankvarn and Forsman farms. In total about 30 people took part in learning more about soil organic matter, ditching, drones and wetlands. Read summary of the day from here (in Finnish).







8.8.2019 Field day at Siikalatva

Theme of the event was peatlands and it was arranged in two locations: Räbinä farm and old beautiful Mankila village house close to Oulu. In total 49 participants attanded the event. Read summary of the day from here (in Finnish).







19.6.2019 Field day at Lohja

Theme of the day was farmer and biodiversity. The event was organised at Kilpiä farm in Southern Finland. About 40 people took part in getting familiar to observe biodiversity (pollinators, birds, soil organisms, natural enemies of pests, cover crops) at farm level. Read more from here (in Finnish).






10.12.2018: The meeting of pilot farmers and researchers 2018

The third meeting of farmers and researchers was held again in Tampere. The summary about the day can be found from here (in Finnish).







5.9.2018 Field day at Kuopio

Themes of the event were sustainable soil and nutrient management. About 100 people attended the event at Kuopio and 40 watched it online. Read more about the event from here (in Finnish).







13.4.2018 A Seminar on Climate Change Mitigation in Agriculture – by Land Use Optimization

OPAL-Life project organized a seminar on climate smart farming on Friday April 13 at Copa-Cogeca premises in Brussels. The seminar shared project’s ideas and reflections on land use optimization, climate change mitigation and adaptation. These ideas were discussed with scientists, WWF, DG-AGRI, EIP-AGRI, COPA-COGECA and farmers.

You may read a summary of the seminar including presentation materials from here.






5.2.2018 OPAL-Life midterm seminar

The midterm seminar “Solutions to the climate change by optimization of land-use” was organized in Helsinki together with VILMA-project. 150 people from all around Finland took part in seminar, both on the spot and via streaming.

The seminar materials and videos can be found from here (in Finnish). You may also read the summary from here (in Finnish).



11.12.2017 The meeting of pilot farmers and researchers 2017

The yearly meeting was held in Tampere. Read more from here (in Finnish).







29.9.2017 The launching of land use optimization tool (PeltoOptimi)

The event was organized for invited guests in Helsinki. Read more from here (in Finnish).












22.8.2017 Crowd sourcing workshop for delegates of environmental and political youth organizations

The event was a part of the working package C4 and was held in Helsinki. Read more here (in Finnish).







19.7.2017 Drone demonstration in Liminka

The demonstration was held on a pilot farm in Liminka and was aimed at informing media on UAV-technology on agricultural monitoring. Read more from here (in Finnish).










12.12.2016 The meeting of pilot farmers and researchers 2016

Approximately 30 people took part in the yearly meeting in Tampere. Read more from here (in Finnish).

21.7.2016 Drone demonstration in Inkoo

Demonstration was held on a pilot farm in Inkoo and was aimed at informing media on UAV-technology on agricultural monitoring. Read more from here (in Finnish).