The OPAL-Life -project sees communication and dissemination actions as one of the key elements for the success of the project. Therefore best practices on communication and other issues relating to successful carrying out of the project will be sought by networking with other projects. In the beginning of the project communication efforts will focus on informing the necessary stakeholders and target audiences of the projects existence and it’s goals. At this initial phase it’s important to reach the projects main target audience, the farmers, to ensure the establishment of the demonstration farm network. Towards the end of the project cycle communication concentrates more towards dissemination of the results.

The methods include:

  • networking with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects
  • notice boards (for events and at the pilot farms)
  • website and social media presence
  • local information seminars, field demonstrations, workshops for policy developers and internal stakeholder meetings
  • mid-term seminar and an international closing seminar

In addition, brochures, video and photographic material and guidelines for the use of Land Optimisation Tool, a layman’s report and scientific articles will be produced.